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申請成為合作創作者 Application guidelines

• Character / IP 角色

• Illustrator 插畫家

• Animator 動漫、動畫設計師


⟥ 很抱歉,由於申請者眾多,我們僅對初步符合標準的創作者回應聯絡。
⟥ 若您是學生,或是還在發展個人風格,我們建議您等到風格穩定後再與我們聯絡。

We welcome submissions from highly talented creators and animators looking for representation. Each one of our creators displays a unique signature style, creative approach and technical expertise. Our priority is to promote them without overlapping styles. If you feel that your work will add a new flavor to our mix then please complete the short form and provide links to examples of your work before sending it to us.
⟥ We will contact you only if we are interested.

申請合作 About your work